Winner of Live Hacking Event

A couple weeks ago I was invited by Intigriti (a bug bounty platform) to participate in the #1337UP0622 Live Hacking Event. There are about 30 hackers invited in total and the idea is that we all hack on a specific target for 2 weeks. For us it is important to find as much vulnerabilities as possible and also find impactful ones to try and get some prizes. Last weekend we went to the office of our target in Belgium and did our final hacking. At the end all the vulnerabilities were triaged and the leaderboard was clear. I’m very happy that I was able to finish on the first spot on the leaderboard!

I learned a lot from other hackers this event and I will try to win next time also. The target was hard but that didn’t stopped me from trying to find some bugs. In the end I found an Exceptional, a Critical and more bugs of a different severity which means that my bugs could have had a huge impact on the company.

If you also want me to perform a penetration test on your web application you can always contact me on: I will try to find as many vulnerbilities as possible so you can secure your company.

Besides the bounties and the great experience I also received some cool prizes from the Intigriti team: